"Hi Ted, just to say a massive thank you to you and your team for creating such a wonderful experience during the Spanish trip. The adventure was everything and more than I hoped it would be. Meticulously organised, fantastic support and oh what scenery. Hotels, food, the riding and the whole ambience is something I will always cherish. Thanks again. All the best."


Ian Cunliffe. 


"Several years ago, I had the good fortune to be invited on an end-to-end Irish cycle ride, an adventure I will never forget, it was truly amazing!

As I arrived, filled with the usual trepidation and anxieties, I was introduced to the chief organiser and the man responsible for putting this event together, Mr Ted Hayton.

I had no idea of knowing at this time that I would go on to not only complete this Ireland ride, but I'd also complete the France cycle ride, literally one end of the country to the other and subsequently complete the Spanish cycle, once again cycling the full length of the country from the South to the North.

The organisation, the logistics, the bike repairs, the hotels and the welfare of all the riders is completely overseen by Ted, I've never quite met anybody like him and I'm proud to call him a very dear friend.

The planning involved is the most meticulous I've ever known in any trip and it's safe to say that no stone is left unturned in the overall desire to ensure everyone involved is happy, safe and exhilarated.

I'm thrilled to have been involved in these 3 unbelievable adventures, making some wonderful new friendships along the way is an added bonus and I can now call on some amazing memories from the many hundreds of miles of beautiful scenery, some picturesque and tranquil, some wild and rugged but all truly memorable!"

Mike Regan


"The Spanish tour was by far the most memorable ten days of 2013. Every day combined the luxury of a summer holiday with unsuppressed and high-spirited group morale, experiencing the beautiful weather of Spain in September and endlessly breathtaking views of the said continent. In the low periods when wind/rain or the mental brick wall persisted in front, someone was never far behind to help in conquering the miles ahead.

The hills, no matter distance or gradient - can always be climbed, (something that I forcibly disbelieved) before tackling one with 12 other people at the same time- because there is something of an outer force created within a team of sportsmen and women that will refuse to leave anyone in the group behind, and thus together we all made it across the finish line in Aviles.

The friendships formed, the opportunities created, the memories made and the feeling of achievement are all invaluable and impossible to forget. Thank-you to Ted for what was the most (not only the most meticulously planned and executed) but exciting and rewarding overseas venture I've had the pleasure to take part in"




"I first met Ted Hayton at Lands End in September 2008 as we tentatively embarked upon the 'End to End' journey. Since then we have travelled under Ted' guidance the roads of Britain, France and Ireland together covering several thousand miles.

Ted is genuinely 'unique'... one of a kind and like no person I have ever met ...hugely resourceful, humorous and capable of precision planning and man managing whatever comes his way.

You can trust this man with your bike, your safety and your life"


Paul Hebbert


"Spain 2013 was one of the more defining experiences I have had in my life so far. I can quite safely say that even from the perspective of what is considered the staff / crew rather than the athletes it was still an unforgettable trip. I made new friends for that I will keep for life, strengthened existing friendships and family relationships and felt like I was part of a team achieving something great. Being able to contribute, help and most importantly be a part of a team of people and friends who were pulling of an incredible task was so fulfilling, and I will never forget it. The scenery wasn't too bad either!

Next time I will definitely be part of the crew on two wheels. There is nothing like the sense of accomplishment you feel after cycling the length of a country! (I speak from experience having cycled Land's End to John O Groats myself in 2008). I couldn't recommend this more."



"I have benefited from several of Ted's trips and I hope I will have the pleasure of many more. Ted is military in his organisation, but combines this with a real eye for the finer points, great hotels, food and support. I can't recommend one of Ted's trips highly enough."


Brian Buckingham


"I accompanied Ted on a tour from Toulon to Calais in 2011. I was eighteen at the time and did not have much cycling experience. I was rather apprehensive but as soon as I met all the other members of the group I realised that everyone had their own anxieties about their abilities.

It was honestly one of the best things I have ever done and I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to be part of something like that. It is very uplifting as you are seeing some stunning countryside whilst running on endorphins and are constantly seeing new and inspiring places.

It is the best way to see a country. It was very rewarding and generally an extremely memorable trip. I would recommend this to anyone and it is a fantastic thing to be a part of. Ted is a brilliant leader and the trip was incredibly organised and ran very smoothly! There was always someone to spur you on if you were every having a difficult moment and always something to look forward to; whether it be the incredible lunches which would be set out in a beautiful location or evening supper times which were always full of good humour."




"I joined a Lakeland trip. It was a memorable holiday for so many reasons. The weather was amazing and the lakes are beautiful. The route was perfect and the pace adapted to the mood of the group. There was full technical support, always with a smile - even when I had my first puncture as I left the car park.


Accommodation was spot-on and up-market, Ted has a way of charming hoteliers to accept groups of lycra-clad sweaty humans!"


Nigel Swycher


"Continental Drifting means the following 4 things to me:-

  • The joy of cycling with new friends in new countries

  • The reassurance of Ted's military style planning and incredible support if you break down

  • Luxurious quality after a day in the saddle

  • The satisfaction of achieving a massive challenge


CD will be one of the best experiences of your life - you will talk about it for years"


David Ness


"If and when I feel a little low, I find myself pouring over photographs from the cycling trips through France and Spain guided by Ted Hayton, who I would happily follow to the ends of the earth.

I often view my daughter's homemade video of the French tour and it transports me back to those idyllic days meandering through the sun kissed Spanish countryside.

The cycling trips have been incredible life changing experiences for me and will remain highlights in my life forever and a day.

I await the start of the Irish tour as this pleasurable adventure still awaits me! Bit worried it might not be as sunny as France and Spain, although Ted Hayton's organisational skills being what they are, I fully expect him to arrange the weather as well as round off a few of the hills."


Pip Swayne


"Thank you for organising such a wonderful trip. The route was just spectacular enjoying delightful country roads and beautiful scenery. I was particularly impressed with the careful planning and organisation of the trip which made the whole thing go like clockwork. The few mechanical problems that some of the riders encountered which on my normal trips would have spelled delays were very professionally sorted to keep the pack rolling. I made new friends and enjoyed the trip very much.

I look forward to my next trip."


Chris Weedon


"The hardest I've ever pushed myself and the most rewarded I've ever felt"