Clearly we will be unable to operate for the foreseeable future. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all our friends and colleagues on the continent and here who are currently suffering the brunt of this awful virus. We look forward to riding with you all again soon.

Having travelled on a number of supported cycling holidays and being involved in the travel industry myself I can say without doubt Continental Drifting are the best, Everything from booking to the final return was very well organised and thought out so as to make the trip enjoyable and stress free. I went on the cross Spain trip and Ted and his team made it a great holiday and a trip to remember. Each day was well thought out and everything done to ensure the whole group had a fantastic time. The lunch stops were a highlight, Eva and Mel did a great job and on the one day of rain they put their contingency plan into operation, which made the day easy.

Andrew M. Spain




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